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Sensor Specification
100H   OV9732 + Hi3518E 1/4" OV  CMOS Sensor    HISILICON Hi3518E            
HJ130  H65+Hi3518E 1/3" CMOS Sensor       HISILICON Hi3518E     
130H   IMX225 + Hi3518E 1/3" SONY Low Illumination  CMOS Sensor HISILICON Hi3518E        
HE200  IMX323+Hi3518E 1/2.9" SONY Low Illumination CMOS Sensor HISILICON Hi3518E
200H    IMX323 + Hi3516C 1/2.9" SONY Low Illumination CMOS Sensor HISILICON Hi3516C   
HV200  OV2718 + Hi3516C 1/2.9" OV Low Illumination Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor HISILICON Hi3516C     
200SL  IMX290 + Hi3516D (H.264/H.265) 1/2.8" SONY Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor HISILICON Hi3516D            
XSL200  IMX290 + Hi3516D (H.264/H.265) 1/2.8" SONY Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor HISILICON Hi3516D          
AL200  IMX290 + S3L (H.264/H.265) 1/2.8" SONY Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor Ambarella S3L      
300H IMX124 + Hi3516D (H.264/H.265) 1/2.8" SONY Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor HISILICON Hi3516D        
300A IMX124 + S2L 1/2.8" SONY  Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor Ambarella  S2L        
400H  OV4689 + Hi3516D (H.264/H.265) 1/3" OV  High-resolution CMOS Sensor HISILICON Hi3516D       
400A OV4689+S2L 1/3" OV High-resolution CMOS Sensor Ambarella S2L
500H  IMX178 + Hi3516A (H.264/H.265) 1/1.8" SONY Low Illumination  CMOS Sensor HISILICON Hi3516A
KAZ-200A  IMX322 + S2L (2.8-12mm Auto Zoom) 1/2.9" SONY Low Illumination  CMOS Sensor Ambarella  S2L            
H800  IMX274 + Hi3519 (H.264/H.265) 1/2.5" SONY Low Illlumination CMOS  Sensor HISILICON HI3519



Q: Why IP cameras?
A: Advantage
1. Higher image resolution, present of our IP cameras have images up to 2.0Megapixel which is much higher than normal analog cameras, at the same time, we are working more on 3.0 and 5.0Megapixel models.
2. Easy installation. IP cameras installation based on online network, so customers can use present internet cables instead of install old style DC cables, BNC cables and AV cables.
3.More intelligent. With long distance transmission, IP solution breaks the limit of time and environments. More advantages will be available after try Cantonk's IP solution

Q: How to choose IP cameras
A: Of course, clear image quality is the first thing that matters; but at the same time, we suggest our customers to consider stream, color reproduction, luminous sensitivity and multi-fuction, also it is very important that if the camera is easy operation
Q: How to view my IP camera via my mobile
A: Please search "Danale" in app store, install it for free and then add your IPC to mobile via easy steps
Q: Why does it shows “Get Param Failed”?
1.Please make sure the IP Camera connected correctly.
2.Please make sure IP address and port information are correct.
3.Please check your network status
Q: Why can not access the camera after update?
A: We need to clean browser cache: start IE, click “Tools”>>>“Internet Options”>>>“Temporary Internet files”>>>“Delete Files”>>>“Delete all offline content”>>>“OK”. Also you can click “Start” and select “Run”, enter “cmd”, enter Command Prompt“arp -d”, then re-access the camera.
Q: When connected with some multi_channel devices, why can I only play max 3 channels at the same time?
A: Some models of the monitoring equipment have connection limits. When the total number of connections reaches the upper limit, you can not open more channels to watch. Please check the device's settings panel or manual to see whether the limits can be changed, or you can also contact with the device manufacturer's technical support.
Q: I have already added the device,why it shows “Initial Failed!”?
A: Solution:Please delete the device and added again.