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H.265 9CH HD NVR

H.265 36CH HD NVR      

H.264 25CH HD NVR  (Support 5MP/4MP/3MP/2MP IPC input)           

H.264 9CH HD NVR         

H.264 25CH 8HDD NVR        

H.264 4CH HD NVR with POE     

H.264 9CH HD NVR with POE                 



Q: Why NVR can’t detect the hard disk?
A: Please check the data line and the power line of hard disk whether are connected well, whether there is a problem about the interface of hard disk on the motherboard, or kindly please check hard disk whether is supported by the NVR in specification.
Q: After modifing password, what can I do when I forget the password?
A: Please get in touch with our technical staff for with model numbr and system information of the NVR. The easy to remember and relatively safe password is recommended when you set the password
Q: Why can’t login to NVR client?
A: Kindly please check if configuration of network connection is right, or if connection of RJ-45 interface is OK, also please whether the user name and password are right.