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16-Channel 1080P XVR(Support HD/IPC/Analog):Mainboard Hi3521A

8-Channel 1080P XVR(Support HD/IPC/Analog):Mainboard Hi3531A & Hi3520Dv300

4-Channel 1080P XVR (Support HD/IPC/Analog):Mainboard Hi3521A & Hi3520Dv200



Q: XVR is not working?
A: Check the adaptor input / Check all the wires to make sure they are connected correctly / Check if there is new firmware updates with us
Q: DVR is rebooting automatically or stopped after starting the XVR for several minutes?
A: Change stabler and higher input power supply / Change another hard drive
Q: No output of single channel, multi channels or all channels video?
A: Please check the adaptor of camera whether to see if it is well-connected / Please check the cable for connecting video input/output in the back panel of XVR / Please insert the video source directly into the display device and check if they are causing the problem
The hardware of DVR is defective
Q: Motion detection is not working?
A: The setting of motion detection area is not correct / Sensitivity is too low
Q: It displays "other members are setting......" while setting XVR by IE
A: It probably means someone else is setting the XVR. Please check the XVR configuration interface or exit XVR