"Reliable Smart Security Product Provider"

Cantonk (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd. established in 2008 and based in Guangzhou, which focus on smart security products. We are an integrated enterprise with R&D, manufacturing, production, distribution and export, providing smatr wireless camera solutions for many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

At present, Cantonk's main products include "Battery Camera, WIFI Security Camera and Security Camera System". With the efforts of these years, we have provided safe, reliable, stable and high-speed smart monitoring services for many users.

Cantonk's logo is matched with dark green, which represents a sense of safety, vitality, novelty, and environmental protection. It is intended to let customers feel the clearest visual experience and change the future with an innovative perspective.

Looking forward to our better future,Cantonk will continue to provide better and more excellent video security products and solutions.