Future Plan
A summary of cantonk's overall corporate development plan and development goals from 2020 to 2023
Seize the opportunity in the security market and expand to the over-spill customer base of top brand manufacturers; Expand brand reputation and achieve saltatory development. On the basis of foreign markets, we will gradually become a brand agent in country and region;
We will break through the 200 million/year sale and entered the top 30 brand manufacturers in the professional security field in the next three years. We will become one of the most well-known security brand manufacturers in various countries and regions;
Declare and pass the quality management system certification, and strengthen internal management to gradually realize the transformation from simple management to market integrated operation;
We will realize diversified operations by adjusting the capital structure, and optimizing resources. It will assist group companies to start IPO supporting projects and realize capitalized market operations;
Expand brand advantages, and summarize management experience to form a management model with independent intellectual property rights.